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1- Why NU

Neotech Campus
•With its technology-centered Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus, which shapes the world of the future in a 106 thousand m2 closed area, it works with full force to make the future of the young people an absolute success. As the 3rd Generation Foundation University, it offers the largest student living space in Europe, with its technological infrastructure, application laboratory and a strong academic staff. Education 5.0
• With 124 applied laboratories, Nişantaşı Unicersity is located between the Widest Research Centers, which have been prepared with the latest technology simulation centers, labs and application aims to provide students experience in the sector workshops. Education 5.0
Education 5.0; not just getting a diploma; a reformed education system that aims to provide professional competence, learning to learn, thinking and generating ideas.
• The basis of Education 5.0; It is based on the dynamics of today and the future, as well as personalized education, project-based learning, the combination of technology and education.
• By providing an environment where they can develop their curiosity and creativity; educates forward-thinking and innovative individuals who are open to learning. Scholarship Opportunity
• Regardless of the grade point averages of Nişantaşı University students, their scholarship is not interrupted. Our students benefit from scholarship opportunities until graduate. Professional Practice
• Undergraduate students complete their theoretical courses in 7 semesters and associate degree students in 3 semesters.
• All Nişantaşı University students work in the industry with professional practice lessons at the last term, graduating with work experience, taking the first step to their career ready for the business world.
Internship Opportunity in Public Hospitals
• Nişantaşı university offers internship opportunities in public hospitals for the students who are studying associate degree health departments.
In which country of the world would you like to do an internship?
• Students can improve their language by living with 1,470 foreign students or go to an internship. Free Double Major / Minor
• In addition to the undergraduate programs, our university offers its students the opportunity to get a bachelor's degree in a second branch or to study in a minor program. If Nişantaşı University undergraduate students fulfill the necessary conditions, they can benefit from the right to receive free education by applying to the "Double Major" or "Minor" programs for their departments.
2 Certificate opportunities every year
• In order to ensure that the graduates of Nişantaşı university are among the individuals with experience and equipment required by the business world, they support their students with 2 mandatory certificates in each semester.
• A graduate student of Nişantaşı adds strength to her/his career and CV with at least 8 certificates, as well as her/his diploma and internship experiments.
Free MBA Master Opportunity
• If the undergraduate students of Nişantaşı University study one year of optional preparation, they complete their MBA business master's degree in 1 year with no additional cost.
Free DGS / KPSS Course
• Nişantaşı University provides free DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) course for undergraduate students.
• Nişantaşı University provides all students free KPSS (Public Personnel Selection Exam) course every year.
Nish Nova
• It is a 360 ° Innovation Center consisting of the Entrepreneurship Office, where new ideas are transformed into business, the Technology Transfer Office where university-industry collaborations are created, and the Project Office, which aims to increase the culture of the project within the university, where publicly-supported projects are prepared.
• NishNova Entrepreneurship Office is an early stage incubation center consisting of a joint study area located in Nişantaşı University Maslak 1453 NeoTech campus, where students are provided with the necessary resources to develop ideas that can turn into business.
Iskur On Campus
• With the cooperation of Nişantaşı University and İŞKUR, the İŞKUR office, which will serve only our students within our university, introduces our students and graduates to a professional business life. All career plans from the moment our students step into our University; will be supported by career events and career training.
Sport Achievements
• We carry out various activities in our university in order to develop sportive skills, create lifelong friendships and promote a healthy lifestyle. During the academic year, our students can participate in sports tournaments held at NeoTech Campus and participate in competitive and fun-centered sports activities.
• Students who will study at NeoTech Campus, which has a wide open area crowned with art and sports, are preparing not only for lessons but also for social life with rich social opportunities.
London & Dublin Language Schools
• NTU International Dublin
Students can study in Ireland,one of the most reliable countries in Europe, and communicate very friendly and helpful with friendly and helpful people in Dublin, which has been modernized without spoiling its historical and natural beauties.
• NTU International London
Nish students can study english at Covent Garden, one of the colorful and vibrant districts of London, you can make many friends from different countries and cultures, walk around the world-famous museums at a walking distance, satiate your soul with the aesthetic aspect of art, take a photo in front of the famous symbols of the city, and smell history in the presence of an English accent. After visiting, you can spend quality time in Soho's awesome cafes.

2- What is the education and training language of Nişantaşı University?

The language of education and training at Nişantaşı University is both Turkish and English. You will find the details below.

3- What is the duration of Undergraduate and Graduate programs.?

The duration for undergraduate programs are 4 years ; for graduate programs the duration is 2 years with thesis, 1,5 years without thesis.

4-What are the conditions for study in Turkey?

High school senior students or graduates with the following characteristics:

  • Foreign nationals,
  • Those who are Turkish citizens at birth and who are allowed to leave the Turkish nationality from the Ministry of the Interior (must have a Certificate of the Recognition of Rights Acquired by the Turkish Citizenship Law),
  • Minor children who are Turkish citizens at birth and who are allowed to leave the Turkish nationality from the Ministry of the Interior (must have a Certificate of the Recognition of Rights Acquired by the Turkish Citizenship Law),
  • A citizen of a foreign country acquires citizenship after the acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, or dual citizenship in this situation,
  • Those who are Turkish citizens and who have completed secondary education abroad before 01/02/2013, completed the last 3 years of secondary education in a foreign country except TRNC,
  • Those who are Turkish citizens and who have started secondary education abroad after 01/02/2013 have completed secondary education in a foreign country except the TRNC,
  • Those who complete the secondary education (high school) in MEB Turkish schools in a foreign country except the TRNC,
  • Those who are citizens of TRNC; Those who reside in the TRNC and who have GCE AL exam results that have completed secondary education in the TRNC,

Applicants who will not be considered for the application:

  • Those who are Turkish citizens and have completed the whole of the secondary education in Turkey or TRNC,
  • Those who are citizens of TRNC candidates (except candidates mentioned above),
  • Those who have dual nationality and first nationality is Republic of Turkey (except candidates mentioned above),
  • Those who have dual nationality and one of their nationality is TRNC (except candidates mentioned above),
  • Dual citizens who have studied in schools located within the embassies and foreign high schools in Turkey, who are nationals of Republic of Turkey or whose first nationality is Republic of Turkey in birth.

*TRNC : Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

5-What are the required documents for international students?

Application Form https://apply.nisantasi.edu.tr/
Diploma and Transcript (must be sealed and approved.)
High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate Letter
Certificate of Language Proficiency

*For English departments, TOEFL IBT is required minimum 72+ , or you may participate the Nişantaşı English preparation exam and you must take 65+ point at least.
*For Turkish: Students must bring TOMER Certificate with at least B2 or higher. Students may participate Language School Program in Nisantasi University.

Application form https://apply.nisantasi.edu.tr/
Passport Copy
Latest Diploma (Graduation Certificate)
Latest Graduation Transcript
Residence Permit
Letter of Recognition
4 Photos
C1 Turkish Certificate
Letter of Intents
Reference Letters

*Sealed and approved Turkish translation is required if the original diploma is not in Turkish. *All students are responsible to complete their annual fee payment before coming to registration. *All students must concern about getting equivalency letter procedure may takes up to 2 months. All of the students can try to take High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate from Turkish Embassy in his/her home country before come to Turkey. *Students may keep their deposit fee if they want to study next year. Any student who can prove his/her visa reject with the following documents can receive their deposit. Rejection Letter from T.C. Embassy Acceptance Letter Bank Receipt Refund Petition Form

  • *Their deposit will be valid for next academic year if the student does not want to receive refund.
  • *Application will not be evaluated if any one of marked document is missing.
  • *For PhD, both of master’s and bachelor’s degree diplomas and transcripts are required.
  • *For PhD, master degree has to be “with thesis”. If it is without thesis, the application will be rejected.

6- What are tuition fees for Foreign Students?

Nişantaşı University is the most grantor university in Turkey (%77 Scholarship). Students have %50+ scholarship opportunities.

7- Where can I apply for online application?

You can apply from the link below.

8- How many days after applying online to Nişantaşı University, the application will be evaluated ?

International students will receive all admissions information via email. The positive or negative result of your application will be sent to your e-mail address. Your offer letter about education and scholarship rate will be prepared and sent you in 3 days.

9-Where can I get the High School Diploma Equivalent Certificate?

If you go to the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education with your Original Passport and the original High School Diploma, you can apply for the equivalency certificate.
You can reach the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education from the address and the telephone below. Binbirdirek District.İmran Öktem Street. Number:1 Eski Adliye Binası Sultanahmet/Fatih/İSTANBUL - (0212) 455 04 00

10-How do I get a residence permit?

You can get an appointment online at https://istanbul.goc.gov.tr/  for a residence permit.
*All Students must complete their registrations and get their Student Certificate before applying for the residency.
*All students must concern that International Office will submit all files to Immigration Office once in a month.
*All students must deliver the required documents to International Office.
*All students must concern that International Office will submit all files to Immigration Office once in a month.
*All students must be responsible to finish their requirements before their visa expire date.
Required documents for residence permit application:

  • Copy of passport
  • 4 passport size photos,
  • Student certificate,
  • Photocopy of Online application
  • Health insurance
  • Documents for Address information
  • The cost for residence permit card (The cost for Residence Permit Card ‘Original Invoice needed’ (The cost should be paid by the student to the Tax Offic-110 Turkish Lira)
  • Document for Statement of Income (It will be filled out at the International Office)

*For the applications under the age of 18;

  • Dead of Consent
  • Certificate of Birth

11- When is the application deadline for Foreign Students?

The deadline for application is end of September.

12- How is the registration procedure?

Apply through web site

Get offer letter

Get visa

Get acceptance letter

Come to Nişantaşı University

Bring your required documents

Pay the full amount

Complete the process


13- Is there a dormitory at Nişantaşı University?

No, we do not have our own dormitories, but there are some private dormitories that we have an agreement of intent with and we do recommend to our students. Although, Nişantaşı University holds no responsibility in relation with those dormitories.
You will find the dormitories below.

14- Is there a possibility to pay tuition fees in installments?

Unfortunately students have to pay full tuition fees.

15- I do not want to study in English preparation, what should I do?

Students who take 72 points from TOEFL IBT version and pass Nişantaşı Proficiency Exam are exempt from English Preparation School.

16- How can I find information about programs offered at the NU?

You can find brief information about the courses we offered below.

17- I have sent my application to the NU. What happens next?

Once we receive your documents, we will send you a letter to confirm the receipt of your application in 3 days. Student should pay the deposit in order to complete registration process.

18- Do I have to attend International Student Orientation Day?

We are definitely suggest you to attend the Student Orientation Day so you can know more informations about your university, campus, life in Istanbul. Also, to get in touch with other international students and develop your social life.

19- Are there any exams that you accept except for the YOS exam?

You can find brief information about the exams we accepted. (Click shot to PDF)
Bank Account Details

Bank: Vakıfbank T.A.O.
Branch: Etiler Branch Account Name Nişantaşı University
IBAN: TR86 0001 5001 5804 8016 5740 62
Swift Code: TVBATR2A

Note: The student’s full name, Passport No the type of the payment (i.e. tuition fee), and the academic year are to be indicated in the “explanations” box.

20. Transportation

  • Sabiha Gökçen International Airport to Nişantaşı University Maslak 1453 Campus – 50 minutes : https://goo.gl/maps/4rDJRPcSoSyw5Vm8A
  • Nişantaşı University Maslak 1453 Campus: https://goo.gl/maps/J46uPDndJwFraQcC8 • İstanbul Airport to Nişantaşı University: https://goo.gl/maps/fqZCDrsoqA3XaJVEA
  • Bus: Visit the website of HAVABUS for shuttle timetable and fares: : https://www.havabus.com/ From Taksim to Nişantaşı University: Bus: 41N

21. İETT Student Transportation Card (Akbil) :

It is the cheapest and the most efficient way to get around Istanbul. Students can get transportation card online below.https://bireysel.istanbulkart.istanbul/en


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