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Traineeship Mobility

The Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility allows enrolled students in a higher education institution to undertake a professional experience in another country. In the framework of the Erasmus + programme, you can spend a minimum of 2 months to 12 months abroad for traineeship activities.

The mobility is carried out between a sending and a receiving institution, both of which must hold the ECHE - Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. The same student can participate in more than one selection for Traineeship mobility periods up to a maximum of 12 months for each cycle of study, regardless of the number and type of mobility activities.

All around the year, as Nişantaşı University, we can receive applications for Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility, therefore we welcome all interested students to follow the guidelines below and send their application to the email address of our International Office – Erasmus+ Office:

Each applicant`s documents will be carefully evaluated and based on their education degree, academic results and motivation, a non-paid traineeship between 2 and 12 months can be offered within our International Office or within one of our Faculties or Institutes.

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Who is eligible for an Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility at the Nişantaşı University?

  • Students must be registered at a Higher Education Institution and enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree can participate in the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme.
  • Recent higher education graduates may also participate in the traineeship and must be selected by their home institution during their last year of study and must carry out and complete the traineeship abroad within 12 months of obtaining their degree.
  • The sending institution must be awarded an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education.


Health Insurance: Contact your home University Erasmus+ Office in order to check what has to be done concerning your international health insurance.

Liability and Accident Insurance: All trainees are strongly recommended to take out liability and accident insurance cover on their own, prior to arrival to Turkey.

In case of damage to the property of Nişantaşı University caused by a trainee, the university will assess the degree of guilt in the specific case:

  • NU will cover damages assessed to be made inadvertently
  • NU will not cover any damages assessed to be made deliberate with gross negligence or intention
  • NU will not cover any third-party damages


Before leaving your home country to study in Turkey, please contact the consulate of the Republic of Turkey in your home country and check the visa regulations for your nationality.

As a special agreement between the European Union, citizens of the EU may enter Turkey using just their EU identification cards and stay for a total of 90 days within a 180-day period. If you are EU citizen, you must bring your passport with you to provide proof of identity once you for application for the Student Residence Permit and other bureaucratic matters. If your citizenship allows you to enter on a tourist visa, we recommend you to enter on a tourist visa. Students are allowed to complete their registration on a tourist visa.


After you have entered the Republic of Turkey on a student visa, tourist visa, or e-visa, if you are planning to stay more than 90 days, you must obtain a Residence Permit from the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of the Interior, Directorate of Migration Management (İçişleri Bakanlığı Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü).

The Residence Permit is not issued by Nişantaşı University. The International Office provides students with the list of documents required for the application and can check your application packet before you submit your documents to Ministry officials when they visit the Nişantaşı University to review and accept the packets on a pre-arranged date, as described below.

  • Students are responsible for their own legal status while they are in Turkey. All visa matters take place between the student and the Ministry of the Interior, Directorate General of Migration Services.
  • The International Office at Nişantaşı University does not keep records of the visa status of enrolled students.
  • Students are also responsible for learning about and assembling the documents required for the Student Residence Permit, as stipulated by the Ministry. The International Office provides the required information, helps students assemble the application documents, and arranges the day the Ministry officials come to the University to collect all of the applications from the students.
  • Do not begin any Residence Permit procedures on your own. Students may not begin the application procedures until their official status as students has been verified by the University, after the Add/Drop period.

When to apply for the Student Residence Permit?

Your status as a student can be legally verified by the University only after the Add/Drop Period has finished. The Add/Drop Period takes place about a month after classes have begun. During this time, you are in the country on your tourist visa. Once you have applied for the Student Residence Permit, your data will be entered into the system of the Ministry of the Interior and your legal status in the country is secure until the end of the semester.

Application for the Student Residence Permit

Register online with the Ministry of the Interior, Directorate General of Migration Management to fill out, download, and print out your Application Form.

Documents Required

From you:

    • Residence Permit Application Form (must be signed by the foreigner and/or his/her legal representative)
    • Passport or original and photocopy of passport substitute document (pages containing identity information and the page containing photo and processed pages)
    • Four (4) pcs photos (must have been taken within the last 6 months, against a white background and biometric. Do not upload family, selfie, unrecognizable, non up-to-date or black and White photos into the system, otherwise residence permit document shall not be issued!)
    • Valid Health Insurance Document. This is an official, one-page letter from your insurance company that states your name, date of birth, duration of your insurance, and the amount of money for which you are covered. It must be in Turkish.
    • Declaration which states that financial capacity is to be provided sufficiently and regularly throughout the stay (Is declared in the Application Form. Directorate may request supporting documents.)
    • Student Certificate (which shows that you are entitled actively to benefit from the rights of being a student. Document must be signed and stamped by Student Affairs.)

Please Note:

If you have a Turkish passport or ID card or a Blue Card (Mavi Kart), you do not need to apply for a Residence Permit.

Students can apply in order to have vocational training and/or get working experience in a company/institution which is located in a EU member country.

Who Can Apply?

  • Must be a full time registered student
  • Students who have failed courses from previous years can apply for Erasmus exchange
  • Successful completion of the first year of the degree program before the Erasmus+ mobility
  • Minimum 20/4.00 CGPA for the students in the Associate and Bachelor`s programmes
  • Minimum 50/4.00 CGPA for the students in the Master`s and Ph.D. programmes
  • Attending the Erasmus+ English written & oral exams and take 60/100 (B1) grade
  • Each student can participate both in Erasmus+ Student Exchange and Erasmus+ Traineeship.

Assessment Criteria for Student Mobility:

  • CGPA 50%
  • English Language Exam 50%

Host Institution Selection

The following institutions can be suitable for students of Erasmus+ Traineeship:

  • Enterprises, Business Firms
  • Training and Education Centers
  • Research Centers
  • Other Institutions

However; diplomatic agencies and the institutions that hold EU programs cannot be selected as the host institutions within Erasmus+Student Mobility for Traineeship.

Before leaving NU, the student must sign a Financial Contract, which is completed by International Office. This document must indicate how the contribution of the European Community (Erasmus+ Placement grant) is to be paid, the destination and the length of stay in months (based on the provisions of the Training Agreement). Refusing or neglecting to sign the contract shall nullify the Erasmus+ Placement grant.

 Program Countries with Living Cost Program Countries Erasmus Study Grant per Month (€)
Group 1 Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway 600
Group 2 Austria, Belgium, ,Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal 500
Group 3 Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia 400

Students are required to open bank account (EURO) and fill in the bank details forms and present it before the start of the exchange period, so as to receive the Erasmus+ grant. The grant contribution will be paid in two instalments: 80% after the financial contract has signed; the remaining 20% within the end of the exhange period, provided that all documents have been duly delivered. The contribution will be paid by bank transfer.

After signing the financial contract, students will be expected to take the Online Language Exam before leaving Turkey (When they complete the mobility, they will take it again).

Application Criterias:

  •  Must be a full time registered student
  •  Minimum 20/4.00 CGPA for the students in the Associate and Bachelor`s programmes
  • Minimum 50/4.00 CGPA for the students in the Master`s and Ph.D. programmes
  •  Attending the Erasmus+ English written and oral exams

Required Documents:

  • Filling the Online Application Form
  • An up-to-date original Transcript of Records (must be approved by Student Affairs)

Assessment Criteria for Student Mobility:

  • CGPA 50%
  • English Language Exam 50%


The School of Foreign Languages of Nisantasi University organize a proficiency exam in English. The English Proficiency Exam consists of 2 parts; Written exam and Oral exam.


  • Written Exam: 75%
  • Oral Exam: 25%


The students must be take at least 60/100 to study at B1 level

Students are obliged to obtain a student visa for the country they are going for exchange. Nisantasi University International Office is not responsible for students who are failed to do so.

It is among students’ responsibilities to have a valid passport before applying to visa. Each country has different application procedures and requires different documents. Ask or check the website of the Consulate for the list of required documents for Erasmus+ students and also inquire about a residence permit (whether it is needed and where you will get it). Student Visa and residence permit procedures may take very long; students are advised to start their application procedure at least six to eight weeks prior to the staring date of their exchange semester. 

The Nisantasi University International Office will provide the students with document that the student will need for the visa application; a letter to the consulate which states that the student is taking part in the Erasmus+ Exchange Program and that the student will receive mobility grants allocated by the National Agency. The student is required to pick up this document from International Office. 


  • LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE/INVITATION ‘EXAMPLE’  (Must be provided by students from the company and shared with NU International Office)
  • THE ONLINE LINGUISTIC SUPPORT-I (OLS)– (The exam must be taken and the result must be shared with the NU International Office by the students)
  • PASSPORT, VISA, HEALTH INSURANCE and BANK ACCOUNT (EURO) DETAILS – (Must be given to the NU International Office by the students) 



  • DURATION SHEET – (Only ‘DEPARTURE’ part must be filled and approved by the company/institutiton)
  • THE ONLINE LINGUISTIC SUPPORT-II (OLS) – (The exam must be taken and the result must be shared with the NU International Office by the students)
  • ONLINE FINAL REPORT – (The link will be sent to students’ e-mail address after the mobility)