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To study in Poland for ERASMUS+ program was one of the best experiences of my life. It was my first time abroad and seeing other cultures and life. I was in Kielce for five months. Kielce is small and nice city which is located between Warsaw and Krakow. So you can visit the best cities in Poland too. Additionally, there are lots of cheap things to do in Kielce. Because there is discount for students especially at fitness centers, kebab restaurants, bars and night clubs in Kielce. I would say generally my impression of Polish people are quite positive. They are nice, talkative and kind of open people that you will like from first moments. They're fun to hang out with and they always have an idea about what to do. Also, during my ERASMUS+ program I met with a lot of people from other countries. They were amazing, friendly and helpful. In a short time, they became my best friends there. I stayed in a double room with my Spanish friend. We helped each other at all times and also I met with a lot of foreigners. We introduced our traditional foods, we shared our money, exchanged our opinions, learnt different languages and did everything together during our five months. I travelled a lot of countries with my foreign friends during our ERASMUS+ program. They hosted me in their country very well. This year, I have a lot of friends that I will host in my country. I am happy to be a part of ERASMUS+ program.

OĞUZHAN BÜKER – Psychology

Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce / POLAND

The ERASMUS+ Mobility was really important for me to get know and learn about different cultures.  I have done my ERASMUS+ in Poland. Because there are also ERASMUS+ students from other countries  it is not only about finding out the country  I went but also finding out about different cultures around the World. But surely there are much more thinks I learned about Poland. For instance the Polish people like to spend their free times mostly in the parks. In Warsaw there are so many parks in every side of the city. You can always find a nice and beautiful place to get rest and relax.

What I mostly like about Polish people is they are really respectful to their history just like Turkish people.  They have lots of monuments for the lost people in the wars.

The holidays are different than my culture’s holidays. Like the Halloween and Christmas. The Christmas markets are wonderful with lights everywhere, huge Christmas trees, delicious foods and fun activities you can do like ice skating.

And what about the university? The receiving institute which is Warsaw University of Technology has very useful laboratories and equipment, because of that the quality of the education is really high. The campus was so charming the architecture of the buildings are almost in the Baroque style.

Seda Zeynep YORULMAZ – Aviation Management

Warsaw University of Technology / POLAND

I made my ERASMUS+ Mobility in fall semester 2017-2018. In Poland at the University of Lodz. It was one of the best experiences. This mobility program was seriously worth every penny. I could have not picked a better location.

Lodz is an amazing city with such rich history as well as modern flair. If you are trying to decide the best location, look into Lodz, you will not be sorry. The town is fun and safe. I never once felt uneasy or scared. I learned such vital information and skills that will put me above my competition in the real world.  It was my best 5 month abroad.

Shakhzoda IKROMOVA – Health Management

University of Lodz / POLAND

Hello! My name is Burak Mahmut Aytaş. I have been in Warsaw, Poland for ERASMUS+. It was the best experience in my life. I had chance to see a lot of different and amazing culture, people, places etc. Warsaw is one of the best city of Europe. It has got very interesting history. There are many museum, gallery and natural park. Also the people are very friendly and helpful there. I can say that Warsaw is international city. Most of the Erasmus student came from different countries and decide to go Warsaw. Because of that Warsaw is the one of the cheapest city if you compare with other cities. The students can survive in Warsaw easily.

I have studied at Warsaw University of Technology, Transport department. The polish people call this school as ‘Politechnika’. ‘Politechnika’ is very high quality and one of the oldest school in Europe. The teachers are real professional and education system is very good.

I cannot say any bad stuff about Poland except the cold weather. The weather is really cold in winter. Therefore if you think going to Poland in winter, you must be careful about the weather.

Burak Mahmut AYTAŞ – International Trade and Logistics

Warsaw University of Technology / POLAND

My ERASMUS+ was in Poland, I’ve studied at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. Firstly I learnt to live in abroad alone. It was not look like a holiday. My parents and friends were not be in around me and I was solving my own problems by myself. Actually there were not be a lot of people who can speak English but I found and I met with new people from universities and from parties. With their help I improved my English. I had a lot of new friends around the world. Especially from Spain, I learnt their culture, their life style and lots of information about them and also thanks to ERASMUS+ programme, the grant which they’ve provided for us helped me a lot because I did not stay only in Poland, I also visited the other European countries like Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and some cities of Poland like Zakopane, Warsaw and Krakow. It was

the best experience which I got in my life. Because I learnt a lot of things which I can’t describe. After the Erasmus exchange programme I was a bit regretful because I was thinking that why I didn’t join ERASMUS+ before. It was my last year and I will not have a chance like that again. After Erasmus I always say to all of my friends that they should join ERASMUS+. It will change to their worldview and their opinion like mine.

Halil İbrahim ÇETİN – Accounting and Finance Management

Jan Kochanowski University / POLAND

My name is Nazım Karaosmanoğlu and I am a new graduated student at Nişantaşı University. I was studying Civil Air Transportation. I spent my 3rd semester studying at Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska / PW) in Poland as an ERASMUS+ student.

I chose to study at Warsaw University of Technology for a semester as I was knee to experience student life within a novel and diverse cultural environment. WUT located in the city center of Warsaw, the large and dynamic capital of Poland, is located in the heart of the country on the banks of the Vistula River.

I took a wide range of interesting and challenging transportation classes and even had the luxury of taking part in a UML lab research project. In addition, I had the freedom to choose some non-transportation classes. Taking full advantage of this, I took a beginners class in Polish, and studied Telematics Networks, Railway Infrastructure and Intelligent Devices, a fascinating and insightful class that I would not have had access to at Nişantaşı University.

On arriving in Warsaw, I set out on my journey through the city to find PW. Although I had never been to Poland and was the first Nişantaşı University student to study at PW. I was very excited to be in Poland-especially in Warsaw. My expectations were met and bettered!

Before classes began I had two weeks to settle in, get to know the other exchange students, and to explore the city. We visited the towering landmarks, walked through the Vistula River, and visited Old Town (Stare Miasto), and spent the evenings exploring and enjoying the spectacular night life.

After being immersed in the safe and easy Erasmus community during the semester, I decided I wanted to get to know what life was like as a local student and as a Polish. I joined the ESN-PW, and Warsaw Social groups who were fantastic, very welcoming, friendly and thankfully, very patient with my Polish. I was so lucky to join them on several events, and excursions to country-houses, to mountain rangers in Poland, and meet up parties, and even travelled to the other cities in Poland.

I would recommend studying at Warsaw University of Technology to any student. The university have something for everyone to enjoy. Everyday became an education, broadening my mind academically, geographically, culturally, and socially. It was one of the best 6 months of my life.

Nazım KARAOSMANOĞLU – Civil Air Transportation

Warsaw University of Technology / POLAND


Hello, I am Muhammet, I spent my summer at Poland. I was doing Internship at Szczecin, North-West Poland. I study Human Resources. I was doing administrative internship at In-puls events.  My company is one of the biggest color company in Poland (Splash of colors). I had chance to visit few Polish cities with my team due to our work. My city Szczecin is 6th biggest city in Poland. I can say Szczecin is student city. Prices in Szczecin are really student friendly. I was lucky because Szczecin was host city for Tall Ship Races 2017. I had chance to see amazing boats and enjoy concerts in city. It was biggest festival for port city Szczecin. I can say I really enjoy my internship and I gained experience. I suggest to everyone try to do internship abroad. We have this opportunity and we should use it. ERASMUS+ experience in Szczecin recommended!

Muhammet TAŞDELEN – Human Resource Management

In-Puls Events / POLAND



During my second year of the ERASMUS+ programme, I had the opportunity to do a studying abroad in Poland. Studying in Poland brings a lot of benefits, it is possibility to experience Polish culture, to know Polish language and to understand Central Europe. It is almost center of Europe so you can easily travel to other countries.


I’ve spent nine months at Radom Academy of Economics as an exchange student. The Radom is on average 2 hours away from Warsaw, so you can travel whenever you want to get there every hour. As a Turk, you do not need to feel foreign. You can find a lot of Greeks in the market there, they speak Turkish very well.


With my Erasmus experience I thought I could broaden my mind to all kinds of issues, due to being forced to integrate into a new country with a different culture. Through this experience I have proven to myself that I am able to take care of myself, and I now feel more comfortable

about taking risks. I also lived with students from different parts of the world and got introduced to their customs and their stories.


To all possible future Erasmus students in Radom I would say: Enjoy life with Erasmus and learn a lot more than any school can teach you.

Özlem DEMİROK – Management Information Systems

Radom Academy of Economics / POLAND


Erasmus is not one year in your life. It is your life in one year.’ This is what I heard from friends who had already been on Erasmus exchange and now I can say that they were definitely right. ERASMUS+ was like a dream.

This experience has changed me and opened up my mind in terms of the way I think, imagine and see the world. I met with lots of amazing people from all over the world and had the possibility to learn about different cultures even different languages. The people I met during my Erasmus experience became my family in Poland. We laughed, travelled, cried, partied, drank together. It has been almost a year my Erasmus is over but I visited most of my friends in their country last summer so did they. Erasmus friendship never dies. Poland is quite cheap and perfectly located so if you would like to travel, you have plenty of opportunities. I visited cities and town in Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Lodz is not the best city of Poland. However, it is the best one in terms of friendship, trips, nightlife and events. You won’t regret it. I can truly say that I left my heart there. During these five months in Lodz.

Göknur KAYA – Psychology

University of Lodz / POLAND