International Office


Our campus is located at the heart of one of the main business districts and is surrounded by high rise buildings that host almost every national and international prominent company operating in Turkey.

NİŞANTAŞI NeoTech Campus is a well-designed modern building complex providing facilities like sports hall, student recreational area, cafes, restaurants, study and reading halls, a running track, dance hall, pilates studio, gym, theatre hall and the like.

A disabled friendly campus that encourages students and staff with disabilities to participate their daily routine with ease.

NİŞANTAŞI NeoTech Campus has the biggest indoor area among Turkish universities with its campus complex of 27 acres (106.000 sqm) of indoor and 13 acres (51.000 sqm) of outdoor area. This size of an area can host the highest number of students at once, 68 thousand students. That is the biggest number for any European university.